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June 05 2008

pepper vodka
I was singing Beatles covers to it. Why don't we do it in the roooaaaad... not sure what effect that will have. Probably should be careful with it.
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Finally The Beatles are coming to itunes!!

Paul McCartney has signed a $400 million deal, which will see the Beatles catalog make its way to iTunes.
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Beatles Hoodie : Pooch

That dog is so cute. You can order that hoodie coat for your small dog. 

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Trip of a lifetime: How LSD rocked the world

It's the psychedelic drug that inspired Hendrix and The Beatles - and shaped the music, art and literature of a generation. As the world bids farewell to the bicycling Swiss chemist who created LSD, John Walsh explores his mind-altering legacy
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“[The movie] is going to be like The Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night. [It’s a] full length film. It’s for our fans.”
— —

Pharrell Williams, “Hype Williams “Sees Sounds,” Films N.E.R.D. Movie”

The Neptunes’ first feature film is due out December. If the subject matter of their latest single “Everybody Nose” is any indication, I would expect this film to be a bit faster-paced than Hard Day’s Night… wink-wink, nudge-nudge, sniff…

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Mucho mas
Watching out for you! Have a lovely day x

"Ah - here comes the Sun king.
Ev'rybody's laughing,
Ev'rybody's happy.
Here comes the Sun king.

Quando paramucho mi amore defelice corazon
Mundo pararazzi mi amore chicka ferdy parasol
Cuesto obrigado tanta mucho que can eat it carousel."

Sun King - The Beatles
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The Beatles from above
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A painting by Paul McCartney (Unspoken Words)
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The two of us wearing raincoats, standing solo in the suuun (Two of Us, The Beatles)
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The Beatles

Official site.
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